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Joseph Zoh


Seoul, Korea; New York, NY

California CPA

Joseph Zoh ( "JZ") is a Korean national with significant experience managing international businesses in Korea and throughout Asia.  Prior to engaging in the private accounting and consulting business he worked as CFO and Managing Director for leading international companies doing business throughout Asia.  He led, in many cases, these companies first expansion into Asia.  

JZ is one of the only CPAs and business consultants in Asia capable of handling the unique needs of international businesses and expat individuals.  

JZ has significant experience working in Japan, the United States, Hong Kong, China, Sri Lanka, Switzerland and Germany via his employment with leading international textile, construction, building materials, heavy industry, automotive and semi-conductor and electronics companies. 

JZ is known for his ability to understood the unique needs of his clients, because of his real on-the-ground experience in a broad range of industries throughout Asia.  His frank nature and real world street-smart advice is a rarity in the consulting services in the Korean and other Asian markets.  

JZ specializes in Corporate Restructuring, Tax Accounting, Asset Protection and General Corporate Compliance for international clients doing business through Asia and North America.  

  • Ingersoll Rand Korea, CFO/Managing Director

  • Molex Korea, CFO

  • Walbro Korea, Finance Director

  • Leybold, Korea, Controller

  • ABB Korea, Manager

  • President, JZ Associates

  • Executive Partner, Haean Accounting Co.

  • Adviser, CSA Group

  • Korea University, MBA 

  • Chapman University, MS Human Resources Management

  • California CPA

  • Member, AICPA

  • Member, Keywill Group

  • Member, Swiss-Korea BC

  • Member, Canadian Chamber

  • Member, German Chamber

  • Member, Kiwi Chamber

  • Member, Australian Chamber

  • English & Korean

Pro Bono/CSR
  • Volunteer Auditor, Seoul International Women's Association

  • Volunteer Auditor, Kouksundo Federation

Jordan Zoh

0729 조성호0312 copy 2_edited.jpg

Yongin, Korea

Korea CTA

Jordan Zoh is a Korean national with significant experience in providing tax and accounting services in Korea. He has gained practical experience and professional knowledge starting from the bottom as a staff member, and now provides professional accounting services.

Jordan provides both personal and corporate tax services, and is a top tax expert who reviews various complex tax treaties and laws, corrects erroneous taxes, and more.

Jordan is known for his deep understanding of tax laws and treaties, and for his ability to explain them to clients in an easy-to-understand manner. His meticulous nature and advice based on legal principles have enabled clients to receive the best possible tax advice.

Jordan specializes in tax filings such as comprehensive income tax, transfer income tax, corporate tax, and value-added tax reporting, as well as legal and treaty interpretation, inheritance and gift tax consulting, and tax dispute resolution.

  • Haean Tax Corporation

  • JZ Associate

  • JZ Limited Compnay

  • JZ Tax Accounting s.p.

  • Bachelor of Economics at Kyung Hee Univ.

  • Korea CTA

  • Member, KACPTA

  • Member, Kyung Hee University Alumni Association

  • Member, The Giheung Province Tax Accountants Association

  • Korean

Pro Bono/CSR
  • Korean Association for CTA Examination Reform

  • 2021 Local Tax System Improvement Citizen Proposal

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